Monday, June 1, 2009

Ipswich River Park Craft Fair

This past Saturday was Craft Fair Day for the Lento and Parson families!

After hours of crafting, planning, gathering- our day at the park finally arrived.
The sun was shinning brightly- the weather was comfortable, occasionally a wind gust that sent us all chasing the business cards and light items that blew off the tables.

We had an excellent location right by the main gazebo where the raffle tickets were being sold. Our large tent (lent to us for the day, thank you John Reddy!!) was centered between our 3 spots.

Our girls were the big sellers of the day! Once again, my youngest just about sold out her entire table. Maybe it is because she is so cute? Or maybe because she has nothing over $2.00 on her table and everyone is looking for a bargain these days!
She and Robin's daughter are definitely sales women! They playfully twirl the streamers they made, or walk around the grounds with their wares- (and Robin's handbags. Those two have to go to a good business school!

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AMKreations said...

You look so happy! What a beautiful day...hope you made lots of sales. =)